The kindergarten children are cared for in two extended units.

  • The Baby Unit
  • The Toddler Unit.

At Wells House, we believe that our children must be given the opportunity to learn from first hand experience by interacting with a rich variety of materials and socialising within their peer group. A variety of creative activities are available throughout the day such as water play, jelly play, finger painting and cornflour play to help promote tactile and sensory skills from an early age, along with sensory treasure baskets and a wide range of floor play toys in order to maintain full stimulation for each individual child.

Each child will move units depending on their age and ability, ensuring they are placed in a group that they are able to cope with and be happy with and also allowing them to develop physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially at their own pace.

Each unit is designed to ensure that each individual child has the benefit of spending their day in a stimulating and safe environment.

Each child in the kindergarten units have their own everyday book/sheet which informs parents about their child's day, how much they have eaten, how long they have had to sleep and all nappy changes and checks. Parents are asked to sign these at the end of each day if they are satisfied and are also encouraged to add any of their own comments.

Each kindergarten unit completes a weekly play plan which is displayed within each unit, enabling parents to read what daily activities and opportunities have been planned for the week.

Staff plan for each individual child through regular observations and provide a next step for your child to work towards.

Parents to provide

  • Babies made up bottles - we will name these and place them in the baby unit fridge.
  • Jars or dry mix weaning foods - nursery will provide food once your child is weaned
  • Two changes of clothes (named) to be kept at nursery.
  • Packs of disposable nappies and thick baby wipes.
  • Nappy cream if applicable.
  • Sun cream and sun hat.

Here are some of the comments Ofsted made about Wells House Kindergarten in their latest report

  •   Children make good progress based on their starting points, and are well prepared for their future learning because the quality of teaching is good across the nursery  

  •   Staff make good use of the assessment tools they have and use their daily observations of children's play to plan activities that are interesting and offer realistic challenges. As a result, children are motivated to learn and explore  

  •   Children follow good hygiene routines. They enjoy healthy meals and snacks, and independently brush their teeth during the day, which promotes their good health  

  •   Children are very settled and content because staff provide a caring and nurturing environment, particularly for the young babies  

  •   Children form strong attachments with staff. As a result, children's emotional well-being is positively promoted  

  •   Staff have a good understanding of safeguarding procedures. This is underpinned by effective policies. Consequently, children's safety and well-being is supported  

  •   The management team demonstrates a strong commitment to promoting high-quality childcare  

  •   Regular training opportunities undertaken by staff ensure qualification levels are high and they are equipped with the skills and knowledge to provide quality care and learning. This has had a positive impact on the learning experiences offered to children, particularly babies