The Discoverers and Inventors


Preparation for school is very important at Wells House, and to maintain a high quality of education our staff follow the Early Years Foundation Stage, Every Child Matters, under the guidance and advice from the early years team.

The following activities are also on offer to the pre-school children:

  • French every other Thursday in the morning
  • Sports skills every Tuesday morning
  • Dance lessons every other Thursday afternoon with Cynthia, our dance teacher, who has been coming to nursery since we opened
  • Physical Phonics

A Firm Foundation

These rooms nurture each child’s natural curiosity within a structured framework providing Preschool children with an early introduction to school life. Through a balance of formal teaching and child-initiated play, we support children with phonics, letters, counting and other fundamental skills such as concentrating and contributing.

Each child’s learning are focused on them being independent in their own development and exploration, with the use excellent up to date resources and equipment. Our well qualified experienced practitioners work closely with the children to progress their learning giving them the confidence to thrive. We recognise that all children learn in their own way and in their own time, our environment supports children to be inquisitive, children are encouraged to ask questions, make an inquiry, research and be eager for knowledge, we skilfully provide for children to explore and express themselves, this is open ended and provides the means for expression, communication, language and curiosity.

Monitoring and Reports

Partnership with parents

This is very important at Wells House and once a child has fully settled into nursery life a learning journal login will be sent to parents, so they are fully informed on the day to day progress their child will be making including photographs of their child enjoying their activities and experiences, parents can add to the learning journal so that practitioners can see progress made at home too.

Obviously face to face discussions daily about your child are what matters most to us here at Wells House but with busy lives this is not always possible, so each room will also have daily diaries for each child, these can be taken home daily so no information sharing opportunities can be missed and finally we have a parent App that we can remind you of upcoming events, new policies and procedures or any other information we wish to share.

Parents to provide

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • One pair of slippers for indoor use (this allows your child to be comfortable during the day)
  • One change of clothing (with name tags)
  • Suitable outdoor shoes.
  • Wellington boots for outdoor play (wet days)
  • Coat, gloves, hat and scarf for outdoor play (cold days)
  • Suncream and sun hat (sunny days)

Here are some of the comments Ofsted made about Wells House Kindergarten in their latest report

  •   The management team implements the legal requirements well. Together with the staff team they work continuously to improve the nursery and include the views of the children and their parents  

  •   The manager reviews children's progress and carries out observations of staff practice, which results in children having good quality care and learning opportunities throughout the day  

  •   Partnerships with the local authority are good and have had an increased benefit to the nursery  

  •   The contribution of the early years provision to the well-being of children is good  

  •   The nursery makes good use of parents' skills